The Lost Road and Other Writings




The History of Middle-earth』の第5巻。


  • Preface
  • Part One: The Fall of Númenor and The Lost Road
    • I The Early History of the Legend
    • II The Fall of Númenor
      • (i) The original outline
      • (ii) The first version of The Fall of Númenor
      • (iii) The second version of The Fall of Númenor
      • (iv) The further development of The Fall of Númenor
    • III The Lost Road
      • (i) The opening chapters
      • (ii) The Númenórean chapters
      • (iii) The unwritten chapters
  • Part Two: Valinor and Middle-earth before The Lord of the Rings
    • I The Texts and their Relations
    • II The Later Annals of Valinor
    • III The Later Annals of Beleriand
    • IV Ainulindalë
    • V The Lhammas
    • VI Quenta Silmarillion
  • Part Three
    • The Etymologies
  • Appendix
    • I The Genealogies
    • II The List of Names
    • III The Second 'Silmarillion' Map
  • Index



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