* Treason of Isengard [#uf534105]
* The Treason of Isengard [#uf534105]
#navi(The History of Middle-earth)
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『[[The History of Middle-earth]]』の第7巻にして、「The History of The Lord of the Rings」の第2部。

** Contents [#xd7343a2]
*** Contents [#xd7343a2]

-I. Gandalf's delay
-II. The fourth phase (1): From Hobbiton to Bree
-III. The fourth phase (2): From Bree to the ford of Rivendell
-IV. Of Hamilcar, Gandalf, and Saruman
-V. Bilbo's song at Rivendell: '''Errantry''' and '''Eärendillinwë'''
-VI. The council of Elrond (1)
-VII. The council of Elrond (2)
-VIII. The Ring goes south
-IX. The mines of Moria (1): the lord of Moria
-X. The mines of Moria (2): the bridge
-XI. The story foreseen from Moria
-XII. Lothlórien
-XIII. Galadriel
-XIV. Farewell to Lórien
-XV. The first map of The Lord of the Rings
-XVI. The story foreseen from Lórien
-XVII. The great river
-XVIII. The breaking of the fellowship
-XIX. The departure of Boromir
-XX. The riders of Rohan
-XXI. The Uruk-hai
-XXII. Treebeard
-XXIII. Notes on various topics
-XXIV. The white rider
-XXV. The story foreseen from Fangorn
-XXVI. The king of the golden hall
-Appendix on runes

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