Letter 112




The Letters of J.R.R.Tolkien』に収録されているトールキンの手紙の一つ。宛先人はKatherine Farrer。日付は1947年11月30日。

Letter 118

þree manor road
sunday noveber
þe þirtieþ
dear mrs farrer: of course i will sign yo
ur copy of þe hobbit. i am honoured by þe
recwest. it is good news þat þe book is obtain
able again. þe next book will cotain more d
etailed information about runes and oþer
alfabets in respose to many encwiries. in
þe meantime while þe great work is beiŋ finiš
ed i wonder if you would like a proper
key to þe special dwarviš adaptation
of þe eŋliš runic alfabet only part of
which appears in þe hobbit includiŋ þe cover.
we enioyed last monday eveniŋ very mu
ch and hope for a return match soon.
yours sincerely
i r r tolkien

Three Manor Road
Sunday Nove[m]ber the Thirtieth
Dear Mrs. Farrer:
Of course I will sign your copy of the Hobbit. I am honoured by the request. It is good news that the book is obtainable again.
The next book will co[n]tain more detailed information about runes and other alphabets in respo[n]se to many enquiries. In the meantime while the great work is being finished I wonder if you would like a proper key to the special dwarvish adaptation of the English runic alphabet only part of which appears in the Hobbit including the cover.
We enjoyed last Monday evening very much and hope for a return match soon.
Your sincerely
J. R. R. Tolkien


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